<center>Falls can be prevented</center>
We all tried our best to make things easier for her. From eating to bathing, we were always at arms ready to help her perform tasks. At the same time, we made sure the house was safe so that it won’t ever happen again.
<center>Tips for Families Living with Dementia</center>
Using aids for daily living can significantly provide your loved one comfort and ease when performing day-to-day tasks.
<center>Are you experiencing Memory Problems?</center>
Have you been experiencing memory problems? Have you been noticing your memory is working a little bit slower than it used to? You know, memory problems seem to be affecting more people ...
<center>What Is Happening To My Memory?</center>

Do not keep ignoring your memory problems or pretend they are not happening or joke about it saying “I must be getting Alzheimer’s Disease”- this is not a joke.

<center>Silicone Rubber - The Preferred Choice for Daily Living Aids</center>
Silicone rubber is becoming a popular choice in this, due to the many positive features the material carries.
<center>How to Help Aging Loved Ones Live Independently</center>
There are several ways seniors can stay young and remain independent with very little effort needed. This includes a few simple aids to daily living and some very unusual homecare supplies, not often associated with seniors.
<center>These Brain Foods Will Improve Your Memory</center>
Why not take a bit of extra time and shop around the outside perimeter of the supermarket where the real foods are on display. Your brain needs to be healthy so that your memory will always be sharp.  
<center>Here’s How Daily Living Aids Can Help You at Home</center>
Say no more to daily struggles with these ergonomically designed tools to help make your life easier at home.