Colour My World
Adam’s Story It was Labour Day weekend and my sister, Jenny, and I decided to pay our parents a visit. Jenny and I were watching tv downstairs when my mum called for help. I immediatel...
Don’t Risk the Wrist
Because your wrists help you move around and perform certain day-to-day tasks. A compromised wrist can result in grave injuries or can hinder you from working or doing things that you like. Use assistive devices so that there’s no need for you to bear and grin.
Falls can be prevented
We all tried our best to make things easier for her. From eating to bathing, we were always at arms ready to help her perform tasks. At the same time, we made sure the house was safe so that it won’t ever happen again.
Tips for Families Living with Dementia
Using aids for daily living can significantly provide your loved one comfort and ease when performing day-to-day tasks.
Silicone Rubber - The Preferred Choice for Daily Living Aids
Silicone rubber is becoming a popular choice in this, due to the many positive features the material carries.
Here’s How Daily Living Aids Can Help You at Home
Say no more to daily struggles with these ergonomically designed tools to help make your life easier at home.
Increase Your Independence With Daily Living Aids

Kitchen Aids - The kitchen is always one of the busiest rooms of any home and with it comes its own set of challenges. Preparing a meal can be quite tricky if you're unable to grip things properly but there are some simple kitchen devices that can help along the way.