In support of Arthritis Awareness month, we are offering 10% discount on our entire Etac product range. With a focus on functional design and aesthetic elegance, Etac offer a significant range of aids for daily living specifically suited to helping those suffering from arthritis maintain their daily independence.

Etac develops a wide range of healthcare products that help people with their daily living routines regardless of their physical circumstances. All products are developed in close co-operation with users, care providers, therapists and industrial designers– making them the best in terms of quality, function, reliability and design that the market has to offer.


Beauty Body Washer

Regular price $36.30

Beauty Back Washer

Regular price $45.10

Swift Shower Chair

Regular price $220.00

Easy Shower Stool

Regular price $143.00

Edge Shower Stool

Regular price $132.00


Regular price $166.00

Etac Turner PRO

Regular price $880.00

Etac Relax Screw Kit

Regular price $29.04

Fresh Bath Board

Regular price $112.20

Feed Cutlery

Regular price $28.60

Feed Angled Spoon

Regular price $59.40