A range of ergonomically designed eating and drinking aids

Developed in consultation with clinical experts and customer needs, this comprehensive range of eating and drinking aids is both functional and elegant.

Specifically designed for people suffering from Alzheimer’s (a form of dementia), this colourful range of tableware is ideal for anyone with cognitive impairment or decreased visual capacity. Many items are also useful for people with impaired mobility or reduced motor skills such as Parkinson’s Disease.

In addition to symptoms such as forgetfulness, speech impediments and orientation difficulties, people with Alzheimer’s struggle to distinguish items through colour contrast. Along with other issues such as depression or restlessness, this can result in a decreased appetite and a reduced consumption of both food and drink, which can lead to significant weight loss and dehydration.

Studies in clinical nutrition have shown a significant increase in both food and liquid intake when using tableware that offers a high colour contrast (when compared to the table or the food) – with red offering the highest contrast and therefore the most successful result.


Ornamin Thermo Mug

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Ornamin Thermo Plate

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Ornamin Thermo Bowl

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