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Outdoor Mat

Regular price $116.60
The outdoor mat is suitable for use on all floor types and is ideally suited to help reduce the risk of falls. The hardwearing loop pile surface is specially designed to remove dirt and grit from the shoes. The...

Edge Shower Stool

Regular price $132.00
The triangular shaped Etac Edge Shower Stool fits perfectly in the corner of your shower corner, taking up minimal space and offering a sturdy support when showering. The lightweight aluminium frame is easy to move around and will not...

Torkel Toilet Paper Tongs

Regular price $55.00
These special tongs from Etac give people with restricted movement an easy way to extend their reach to wipe or clean the bottom area. The lightweight tongs are easy to use and can hold toilet paper, wash cloths, flannels...

Better Living Adjustable Bed Cradle

Regular price $64.00
This special frame is designed to be used on your bed, under your bedding, to support the weight of the sheets above the feet and legs great for people with injuries, post surgery or with sensitive skin issues. The...

Non Slip Indoor Mat 600x850mm Solid Colours

Regular price $80.30
A large range of colourful indoor mats ideally suited to help reduce the risk of falls and minimise the risk of tripping in and around the home. With a choice of nine stylish colours to select from, these mats...