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BetterLiving® Non Slip Indoor Mat

The Better Living Non Slip Indoor Mats are a range of colourful indoor mats ideally suited to help reduce the risk of falls and minimise the risk of tripping in and around the home. With a choice of nine...

BetterLiving® Adjustable Bed Cradle

Regular price $66.00
This special frame is designed to be used on your bed, under your bedding, to support the weight of the sheets above the feet and legs great for people with injuries, post surgery or with senstive skin issues. The...

BetterLiving® Convoluted Ring Cushion

Regular price $26.00
With a convoluted or "eggshell" like surface that improves airflow to the skin's surface, this ring cushion is ideal for relieving pain in the tailbone and coccyx area for people with increased skin sensitivity. Ideal for post natal or...

Etac Light Cutlery, Thin Handle

Regular price $27.00
Comprising a fork, a spoon, a knife and a dessert spoon, this cutlery range from Etac has a thin handle to support a comfortable grip in the hollow between the thumb and index finger. This greatly reduces the need...

BetterLiving® Durable Lumbar Cushion

Regular price $29.00
A great lumbar support for anyone who has to sit for long periods, this foam cushion is engineered to provide comfort and support to the lower back and spine. The contoured shape of the cushion helps you maintain correct...