Tuesday, 1 September 2015 9:00:00 AM Australia/Melbourne

Obesity can present unique physical challenges and different demands for assistive aids and devices. One major concern is finding products with suitable size and capacity to support everyday mobility and lifestyle independence.

Obesity has become one of the primary medical issues facing our society today. One of the concerns facing people with this condition is the increased effort required for mobility and general lifestyle independence, especially when coping with other illness or injury.

We believe that everybody should have access to high quality, affordable home healthcare products, including those most in need who have requirements over and above our standard product range.

Our range of heavy duty products assist users and carers to regain confidence and independence in and around the home. These products are designed specifically for larger users and enjoy features such as generous seating sizes and adequate reinforcement to give users and carers peace of mind.

It is important for both comfort and safety that any equipment correctly accommodates the user’s size and weight, taking into account the possibility of future weight gain or loss. Please consult the advice of your healthcare professional when choosing which are products right for you.

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