Share your stories

Are you or someone you know over 60, and is striving for independence? We are particularly in stories of someone living with any disability or impairment. 

Finding similarities with other people helps us live happy and healthy lives. Your story can help others to navigate through their journey to happiness, healthier or more independent life. 


Send in your stories!

We look forward to sharing them with the Assistance Healthcare community!


Share your stories.

Each published story will earn you a $50 credit voucher from 

Here are the details:
  1. Send your stories to us by using the "send in your stories" link above the photos or after this list of bullets.

  2. Stories should be at least 500 words, and no more than 2000 words. 

  3. Stories can be written with first person or third person perspective. The stories are aimed to share, educate and/or inspire others over 60+ to live a healthy / independent life, particularly through disease, disability, or  impairment.

  4. Stories mention any use of assistive equipment such as the reachers, shower commodes, wheelchairs, daily living aids - any product type we feature in our website product categories are preferred. You don't need to mention the brand, and those products don't have to be supplied by us. 

  5. You can send more than one story.

  6. Your stories will be reviewed by our team. We will notify you by email of our decision to publish or not within 30 days after we receive your story. 

  7. If we decide to publish your story, we will email you a $50 store credit voucher to use in website. This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. The voucher is valid for 3 months from the story publish date. Our standard terms and conditions for credit voucher use apply.

  8. We reserve the right to edit your story to fit with our tone / voice in Assistance Healthcare marketing materials / website. Although we endeavour to inform you such edits before the story is published, we reserve the right of not informing you at all. 

  9. We will not publish your story without emailing your first. 

  10. Publish date may change from the date we inform you, depending our marketing schedule.

  11. reserves the right to stop this promotion at anytime we see fit. 

Send in your stories!

We look forward to sharing them with the Assistance Healthcare community!