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Active Hands

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Designed by a quadriplegic, the Active Hands Gripping Aid is a glove like aid that slides onto the hand to help grip almost any object. It was designed to help overcome the limitations often caused by weak grip or poor hand function, and help people to take part in activities previously impossible. Ideal for suffers of stroke, spinal injury or any condition that significantly reduces the hand function.

The Grip works by the tightening of a strap in the upper section, which gently pulls the hand into a fist shape, adjusting to hold items in the palm. The wrist strap is also adjustable and the aid is padded to reduce chafing. With a Velcro fastening device and easy to use ring pull, the glove is easy to apply with only one hand.

Great for a range of activities including weight lifting in the gym; using tools; rowing or kayaking; or gardening with a range of different utensils.

Made from tough webbing and durable neoprene (wet suit material), the product is machine washable. Available in three sizes (small, standard and extra large), for both right and left hand. Refer to the size guide on the product brochure for the best fit.

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  • general purpose gripping aid
  • ideal for stroke, spinal injury or reduced hand function
  • adjustable wrist strap
  • Velcro fastening
  • made from durable webbing and wet suit material
  • machine washable
  • available for right and left hand

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