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My-Loo enables users with reduced mobility or balance problems to manage toilet visits independently and safely. With a unique, patented arm support solution, a well-designed seat, and quick, simple installation, the raised toilet seat offers a high level of comfort and ease of use.

An extra-large seat opening and generous hygiene recesses make personal hygiene easier. The sturdy armrests can be conveniently folded up and down with no pinching risk for the user.

My-Loo comes in a variety of configurations with adaptable accessories that make it suitable for most bathroom environments.

  • Adjustable arm supports
  • Spacious and practical
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Simple, convenient installation
  • Blind fixing option available
Model Height armrests Width/ Length Inner Dimensions Height Width between armrests Total width Attachment width  Dimensions between holes
 80301510  215/245/285 mm  360/400 mm  215/285 mm  20 mm  480 mm  570 mm  400 mm  c/c 123-203 mm
 80301511  175/205/245 mm  360/400 mm  230/360 mm  60 mm  480 mm  570 mm  400 mm  c/c 123-203 mm 
 80301512  135/165/205 mm   360/400 mm   230/360 mm  100 mm  480 mm  570 mm  400 mm  c/c 123-203 mm
 80301513    360/400 mm  230/360 mm  60 mm      400 mm c/c 123-203 mm  
 80301514    360/400 mm  230/360 mm  100 mm      400 mm  c/c 123-203 mm


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