Fixed Length Grab Rails

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A range of five different sized grab rails for use in and around the home. These fixed length rails are best suited to vertical or upright installation (or when two secure points of fixing can be assured). Five different sizes and a range of different finishes to choose from, to suit every home decor or installation location. Grab rails provide support and stability for the elderly, the disabled or anyone requiring some extra help getting around their home.

Designed and engineered in Australia, these rails come in two different widths to suit different sized grips. Optimal rail diameter should allow the user's hand to encircle and be in complete contact with the rail when gripping. Australian Standards recommend that the outside diameter of a grab rail be between 30 and 40 mm, although this may not always suit the needs of each individual user. We recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional if you are unsure which width is right for you.

Select from five different lengths of rail, ranging from 300mm long to 900mm long. Then choose from a range of different finishes and/or materials available in each range. If using the rail in a wet area it is important to consider materials that do not rust such as stainless steel. Some materials retain temperatures and may not be suitable in very hot or cold environments. The finish on the grab rail is important for both aesthetic and safety considerations. Available in Stainless Steel, White, Almond Ivory and Chrome Plated.

All rails are supplied with 32mm stainless steel screws (recommended for timber fixing). They also come with matching exposed fittings.

Please note, these grab rails require installation and sometimes require some minor home modification. We strongly recommend that installation be carried out by a qualified professional, to ensure the rails are correctly and safely secured before use. Custom Length Grab Rails(rails that can be cut to any length) are usually recommended and should be prescribed wherever possible to ensure safe and secure attachment.

  • installation required
  • fixed length grab rails
  • suited to upright installation
  • 2 different widths
  • 5 different lengths
  • range of finishes
  • exposed fitting

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