Therapeutic Exercise Putty

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A range of colour coded, therapeutic putty designed to offer a range of resistance levels for hand exercise programs ranging from extra soft to extra firm. A wider variety of resistances can also be achieved by mixing the different putty together.

This therapeutic putty works to strengthen your hands and fingers, and can help to prevent future hand and wrist problems. It is ideal for grip strengthening, finger strengthening, wrist or upper arm exercises or for general stress relief.

Putty can also be used to improve dexterity and fine motor skills. Therapy programs may include molding the putty into various objects to improve your fine motor skills, or pressing small beads or coins into the putty, then picking them out to improve dexterity.

For some people, putty presents a better option than squeezing therapy balls, or using hand weights, hand springs or other exercise / stress relief products. Consult your healthcare professional if you are unsure which option is best for you.

Exercises are commonly prescribed by physical and occupational therapists as part of a strengthening program. Follow your healthcare professional's instructions closely, as performing these exercises incorrectly or using product that is too difficult for you may cause injury.

  • colour coded exercise putty
  • designed for hand / arm exercises
  • range of resistance levels
  • perfect for fingers, hands, wrist and upper arm strengthening
  • mix colours for increased resistance options
  • extra soft to extra firm

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